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Formula for the Superlist

I know a lot of you are puzzled at the strange formulas you see on some sports ratings sites. When I decided to make a Superlist I thought it would be nice to have a simple yet useful formula.

Here is how the Superlist is calculated:

First, I collect the top thirties of the members. I use a spreadsheet with ten columns - one each for the members of the Superlist. Since there might be a tie between two or more teams on a particular rating system, I use the average of how the teams would normally rank. For example, if there are three teams tied for the twenty-fourth position, I assign them all a "25." That is the average of 24, 25, and 26. The next rank after that would be "27" since there are now twenty-six teams ahead of it (unless it is also in a tie).

The first factor that is calculated is the "points." To accomplish this I add the ranks of that team and subtract that result from the number of lists the team made times thirty-one. For example, if a team made four of the ten lists in positions 4, 5, 8, and 12, it would look like this:


or 95.

The next calculation I make is designed to favor the teams on the most top thirties while downplaying the ones on less lists. Again I take thirty-one (that's one more than the number of teams on a list). From this I subtract the median rank (the most central one). I add thirty (the number of teams on a list) and, finally, subtract the total number of lists a team made multiplied by three. That gives us:


This gives us a score of 6.5. Remember that we still have the 95.

Now we take these two results - the 95 (points) and the 6.5 (median score) in the following calculation:

((points/10+70)+(median score+70))/2

This gives us a good usable formula we can develop a rating with. Our imaginary team's rating becomes 78. (This is really simple although it doesn't seem that way if you type it out like this.)

To set these figures up more suitably, I give an extra three points to each team for every rating system that is missing so that a perfect score will be "100." Unfortunately, our imaginary team with positions of 4, 5, 8, and 12 could only score an 84 with two rating systems absent.

Here is the formula for those who are interested:


This formula can be simplified more but I wanted everything to be obvious.


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