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YourLinx/ARGH Basketball Superlist

We all have our favorite rating system. Every system, though, has its shortcomings -
and some even admit it. Different systems consider different factors in different
proportions. It's my opinion that a Superlist can be made which combines systems of
different theories into a very accurate rating system. I had used fifteen systems in the
past but have decided that the outcome is too similar to all ratings combined - for
example, Kenneth Massey's Ratings Comparison Page.

This year I consulted an expert (you can tell that by his success) in Stewart Huckaby,
the mathematical wizard behind ARGH Ratings. He helped sort out the different types
of systems to help me develop this year's Superlist. Those shown here were not
necessarily chosen as the best ones using their own particular method but as
representatives of the various methods. The contributors this year are:

The idea behind the Superlist is to get several great minds together
(rotating some of them each year) to do what those poor RPI guys are
attempting to do - but better. Someday perhaps they will just give up and
just use the more logical Superlist.

The Superlist includes only teams that were in at least one of the lists. They are rated
by a formula which leans toward the median position of all the lists.

The actual positions of the teams in the various ratings are not revealed here. For
that information please go to their sites. After all, the purpose of the Superlist is to
promote the various ratings around the Internet.

The Superlist 

Brought to you by YourLinx Ratings and ARGH Ratings (consultant)


1 Duke                   99.4
2 Pittsburgh             97.6
3 Louisville             97.4
4 Arizona                96.9
5 Creighton              96.7
6 Notre Dame             94.9
7 Wake Forest            93.9
8 Florida                92.8
9 Illinois               91.7
10 Georgia               91.4
11 Saint Joseph's        91.1
12 Texas                 89.9
13 Oklahoma State        89.1
14 Alabama               89.1
15 Kentucky              88.0
16 Kansas                87.8
17 Xavier                86.9
18 Missouri              85.5
19 Butler                84.9
20 Clemson               83.9
21 Mississippi State     83.4
22 Purdue                83.2
23 Oklahoma              82.5
24 Maryland              82.2
25 Cincinnati            81.2
26 Connecticut           81.1
27 LSU                   80.7
28 Memphis               79.0
29 Indiana               78.7
30 Syracuse              78.2
This year the Superlist continues into the basketball season.
Once the final pre-bowl games are over, the NCAA Basketball
Superlist will take over. The post-bowl NCAA Football Superlist
Final Edition will be published after the bowl games are all
tallied up.

At the beginning of the year, all the lists will be used with
their most recent postings - some of those that are retrodictive
will be the final ratings from last year. This does not make a lot
of difference in the outcome since the ratings will not be too
dissimilar to last year's final ratings. Early ratings are rather
chaotic at the beginning of the year and different systems begin to
become more like each other as the year goes on. I use the retro
lists to stabilize things at the beginning of the season.
The Superlist includes only teams that were in at least one of the
lists. They are rated by a formula which leans toward the median
position of all the lists.

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