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King of the Hill Ratings

Wouldn't it be great if you had to earn your playoff spot, not by wins and losses to teams that aren't even in your conference, but by how strong you finished the year? This method takes each game and "spreads" the teams out.

Here is the method;

When two teams play a game, the winner's rating is moved upward and the loser's rating is moved downward until their ratings are 20-22 points apart. Twenty-one is ideal but I don't want to split points. If the winner's rating is already 22 or more points above that of the loser, both ratings remain the same. This shows us which teams are "hot." A "hot" team can drop a good number of points by losing to a bad team, then make them right back up the next week by beating a good team. Simple as that.

King of the Hill Standings
1 New England 112
2 Carolina 97
3 Miami 96
4 Atlanta 96
5 Tennessee 92
6 Indianapolis 89
7 Seattle 82
8 Green Bay 79
9 Detroit 78
10 Philadelphia 77
11 New Orleans 77
12 Jacksonville 75
13 Jets 75
14 Baltimore 73
15 San Diego 72
16 Kansas City 69
17 Buffalo 68
18 Cleveland 68
19 Denver 67
20 Tampa Bay 67
21 San Francisco 64
22 Arizona 61
23 Pittsburgh 57
24 Washington 55
25 Houston 54
26 Saint Louis 53
27 Oakland 51
28 Chicago 49
29 Dallas 49
30 Cincinnati 47
31 Minnesota 40
32 Giants 38


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