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This section is devoted to the people who just aren't satisfied with the polls and is committed to showing you that they are just like you and me.

I will try to get the new interviews as well as some that are not linked here up at the rate of one per week. If you have a favorite rater whose interview is not shown here, send me an email.

Who are the people who do computer ratings? Are they real? Do they have normal lives? The answers are in their interviews. This page is sort of an extension to David Wilson's site (part of the WWW Virtual Library) and you will find links to these interviews there. Much gratitude goes to David Wilson and Kenneth Massey who are the pioneers in this same cause. Some of the interviewees may no longer rate sports, but at least we can relive their intentions.

If you do sports ratings and would like to conduct an interview, let me know and we'll get right on it. If you have already finished one, make sure I get it posted. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, you know. Just send an email to ME. Or, let me know whom you would like me to interview.

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