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Who are the people who do computer ratings? Are they real? Do they have normal lives? The answers are in their interviews. This page is sort of an extension to David Wilson's site (to the upper left) and you will find links to these interviews there (if they rate college football) as well as on the Main Interview Page to the left.

Much gratitude goes to David Wilson and Kenneth Massey (their links are at the top to the left) who are the pioneers in this same cause. Interviews that are completed are in the left column and interviews currently underway are listed below.

Completed Interviews are at Left.

Interviews that are underway:

More beginning soon ...

Eventually, I intend to have an interview here for almost everyone that does ratings on the Internet. If you have a particular computer rater whose interview you would like to see, send the URL of the web site to me at the webmaster address below or leave it in the Guest Book below. I will contact the most mentioned ones first. Some, of course, may decline an interview since they are very busy but if enough sports fans demand one I'm sure they will eventually listen.

Does anyone know of a female computer rater? I regret that I am not aware of one or that perhaps she just hasn't identified herself as such. That would be an interesting interview to me because it seems to be a pastime completely dominated by males. The reason I question that there aren't any female computer raters is that my wife is the champion sports fan in our family.

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